Accuracy International



Accuracy International is based on the principles of world class manufacturing, teamwork, mutual respect and trust with the objective of maintaining our reputation as producers of the ‘best sniper rifle in the world’.


As one of the original designers of Accuracy International rifles with over 50 years shooting experience I intend to continue the designs of our rifles on the sound well-proven principles of target shooting coupled with rugged all-weather no-nonsense reliability, and easily maintainable without the need for special tools.

When you use an Accuracy International rifle you will be surprised at the balance and stability of the rifle, the way it responds to recoil and stays on aim, allowing you to make follow up shots without the need to reposition yourself.

I want owners of our rifles to have confidence in their weapons in the knowledge that they have the best tools for their job.

We have, over the years, studied the science behind accuracy and with our vast experience of target shooting within the company and our investment in new technology, we are able to take the black art and historic theories out of what makes an accurate rifle. This will allow us to continue to raise the capabilities of our rifles to engage targets at longer distances than previously imagined.

It was once said ”If you can turn your Obsession into your Profession you will never work again”. I have achieved that.


I believe with a passion that by investing in the finest facilities and the best people using the best tools, then great products will follow.

Founded in 1978, Accuracy International significantly changed direction in 2005 when Dave Walls and I took over the management of the company. Since then we have grown by investing in facilities, equipment and people and today, with the lion’s share of rifle components manufactured in-house, we employ a data driven decision making process based on Six Sigma principles to more efficiently eliminate waste and increase quality and productivity.

Still under the guiding eye of Dave Walls, our team of creative design engineers continue to achieve great things.

For all my adult life I have worked in high technology, precision engineering, mainly for major British and US aerospace corporations. They were seen as leaders in an industry where quality is paramount and on-time delivery a critical factor in meeting the demands of world class prime contractors.

Now I am focused and determined to make Accuracy International, long acknowledged as manufacturer of the best product of its kind, the world’s finest company in our industry.